This futuristic fuel station – Texaco Kruibeke E17 between Antwerp and Gent in Belgium is an excellent example of Blob (Binary Large Object) Architecture – Its flowing shapes play with nature and futuristic creativity. The traditional shape of fuel stations has been totally disregarded by using modern, organic architecture in the building and the roof over the forecourt and by integrating its position along the motorway into the surroundings by harmonizing the greenery around the petrol station with its surroundings.

The building is unique: the steel supporting construction is filled with EPS foam blocks coated with Prokol’s Polyurea Hot Spray, which allows the organic shape to be perfectly smooth.

Together with Nedcam and HollandPolyurea, Prokol Protect Coatings developed a polyurea with fire-retardant properties, especially for this project. Knowing the properties of EPS, this was not an easy task.

Prokol Protective Coatings fire-retardant polyurea system has now been uniquely awarded the BROOF T1 certificate combined with EPS.

Another fantastic demonstration of how Prokol Protective Coatings can work in partnership to deliver perfect results
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