Prokol Protective Coatings USA has a diverse range of products – below are a selection of our most popular items – Contact Us for details of applications, coverage and cost

MonoSealProduct Details
MonoSeal is a pure Polyurea, cold applied, liquid waterproofing membrane that can be applied with a roller, brush, trowel or squeegee

It cures to form a seamless, waterproof and fire resistant solution that has excellent thermal stability, is UV and Chemically resistant, is self-levelling and requires no reinforcing matting (due to 3GTX technology). It has elongation of 1530%, is not sensitive to temperature or moisture and can be used on a variety of substrates for flat and pitched roof structures, communal walkways, podium decks balconies and terrace roofs.

A zero maintenance, repairable membrane what comes with a minimum 25-year manufacturer’s warranty

MonoSeal Vertical DetailProduct Details

A sister product to MonoSeal – specifically modified for vertical applications whilst still maintaining all the amazing properties of standard MonoSeal such as 1530% Elongation, 35 min potlife, UV and Chemical resistance and a 1 hour cure.

MonoClear TRProduct Details

A fast curing, odorless, hydrophobic, solvent free, self levelling pure Polyurea coat. Can be used clear, colored or, with special effects such as flakes, glitter, mineral or metallic effect. Very easy to apply, high elongation, easy clean, fully UV stable (Zero Yellowing)

Perfect for brickwork & paving with added anti slip or as a decorative floor finish using our Polymer bead & flake system. All this and, a 10 year manufacturers warranty

MonoSealantProduct Details

MonoSealant is a durable and professional sealant with unique adhesion properties on EPDM materials. Based on MS-Polymer technology and moisture-cures into a durable rubber that retains its elasticity.

Designed to seal any connecting joints and ensure adhesion of building materials, such as plastics, minerals, coarse & rough surfaces, metals, alloys, treated and untreated wood, concrete, coating lacquer and paint systems.

Prokol Protective Coatings USA have a range of primers from transparent to colored, elastic or static, solvent and odor free, Resin or polyurea based.

The most common of these are our universal primers;

Rocathaan Primer UNI RWProduct Details
A universal 2 component, polyurethane primer with anti-corrosion properties that adheres exceptionally well to all metal surfaces, with a long processing time and short drying time

Rocathaan Primer UNIProduct Details
A high adhesion primer for a very wide range of surfaces, such as concrete, wood, plastics and aluminum.

Prokol Protective Coatings USA have a selection of highly reactive polyurea coatings, or “Hotsprays”

This technology applies a coating or liner only a few millimeters thick. The short drying times of 5 to 15 seconds allow almost any shape to be provided with a waterproof, fire resistance, structural barrier-free from solvents and VOCs, chemical and abrasive resistant.

Suitable for various applications such as – Roofing, facades, stairs, flooring, parking decks, swimming pools, basins, and tanks.

They can be applied to various prepared surfaces such as concrete, metal, wood, brick, EPS, and foam.

Rocathaan Hotspray 136-TProduct Details
100% Solids, 5 second reaction time, Zero VOC, 330% Elongation, 23N/mm2 Tensile Strength, available in any color (Default is Colorless)

Rocathaan Hotspray 260-FRProduct Details
100% Solids, 15 second reaction time, Zero VOC, 1900% Elongation, 13.6N/mm2 Tensile Strength, available in any color (Default is Black)

Prokol Protective Coating USA pure polyurea topcoats range provides exceptionally durable protection systems for a myriad of surfaces. The application of a topcoat will ensure a clean, zero maintenance surface, with a fully UV color stable finish and is available in any color (RAL and NCS). Up to 3 times more wear and scratch resistant than traditional coatings, cure times ranging from 30-60 minutes and with Prokol’s industry leading 25 year warranty

Rocathaan Topcoat 35Product Details

Primarily designed to be applied to synthetic systems, such as polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy also works exceptionally well on concrete and steels, Rocathaan Topcoat 35 has been used on basins, floors, bridges, pillar and viaducts in combination with our polyurea hotspray coating.

ProFast Topcoat 75-ASProduct Details

ProFast Topcoat 75-AS is solvent free topcoating based on polyurea combinations. Perfect for all in and outdoor applications where an anti-slip finish is needed. ProFast Topcoat 75-AS has quick drying properties making it ideal for walkways, balconies, terraces and stairwells.

Prokol Protective Coatings USA have a varied range of floor coatings either polyurea or epoxy based with up to 3 times more wear and scratch-resistance when to compared other products.

They have a wide range of uses, including workshops, garages, parking decks, hangers, showrooms, washing areas and warehouses

Two of our best selling products are:

ProFast Floor CoatingProduct Details

An autocatalytic polyurea combination product. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Is 100% color-fast. A 1 hour drying time makes ProFast Floor Coating ideal for walkways, balconies, terraces and stairwells. This is also available with an anti-slip coating

Rocapox Flooring EP-300 Product Details

A self levelling flooring based on epoxy technology making it a fantastic wear-resistant industrial or decorative flooring. It can be used with multiple color combinations, sprinkled with color chips, incorporated with a fine anti-slip coating finish or simply left with a transparent top coat to provides a beautifully aesthetic finish.

Fireguard Pro 200Product Details

Prokol Protective Coating USA’s FireGuard Pro 200 is a fast drying, primerless membrane. Specifically developed to be highly fire retardant with an easy clean finish and high UV resistance.

Our unique fireproof paint product reaches its optimum performance for fire safety, mechanical properties and weatherproofing at only 150 microns.

Independently tested and certified at Warringtonfire’s Gent Laboratory use testing method EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 (equivalent to NFPA 90A-1993)

This high performance fire retardant coating can be applied on mineral substrates, metal, gypsum board and wood and is best applied to ceilings, floor and walls in any communal area, stairwells or facades

Prokol Thinners

We have a range of thinners applicable dependent on the product used – please see each product design specifics for details

Prokol Cleaner Product Details

Prokol Cleaner 605-L is a powerful, water-soluble, and safe solvent that is biodegradable and alkalinity designed for fast and efficient removal of grease, dirt, carbon, oil, soot, nicotine stains, and other persistent stains for numerous applications.

Experience Matters

A great solution starts with the right advice and our advisors are happy to help you with this. We can offer to come to your site to assess your situation/project and discuss your exact needs. We can then put you in touch with a qualified and certified applicator.

All of our products, when applied within Prokol Guidelines, come with the Longest Manufacturer’s Warranty in the Industry from 20 to 40 years. It is not our intention that you will ever have to claim on this but nevertheless, it is nice to know that it’s there. We can also offer you the possibility to include a 10-year insured guarantee. This Insured Guarantee is unique in its kind because it covers all costs relating to the project including labor. Contact us for more information.

Prokol Protective Coatings USA products in comparison to any other waterproof system offers a unique, long lasting fast cure solution that is environmentally friendly, from manufacture of raw materials the whole system is totally inert. The life expectancy of CE Certified Hotspray 136-T is proven through global testing platforms to be two to three times that of comparable products specified into today’s building and construction industry. Prokol Protective Coatings USA’s Pure Polyurea at the end of its life period can be recycled and used in other new applications such as road building to help as part of a greener additive and composite. The life cycle of Polyurea Hotsprays will give a minimum of 30 years service life with no maintenance required.

With over 50 years dedicated to development you can truly trust that our products will stand up to any of your needs so, if you have a particular project, request, or enquiry please contact us straight away.