Product Range: Hotspray 136T, Hotspray 260FR, Rocapox Flooring EP-300, ProFast Multi-TR

Associated Product Range: Cleaner, Primer Uni, MonoSealant, Topcoat 75

Typical Project Requirements: Public Walkway, Government Property, Commercial Property, Residential Property, Exposed Concrete, Anti-Slip, High Foot Fall Area, Chemically Resistant, Waterproof, Fire Escape, Fire Proof

Availability: USA, Europe, Australia, Asia

Pedestrian infrastructure is an integral part of any building or estate. Their finish and design play a critical role in determining the amount of pleasure we have living somewhere. Factors such as color, maintenance, and safety will be deciding factors when choosing the right materials to apply.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, a finish also has the functional aspect of sealing the underlying space and protecting the base material.

Prokol Protective Coatings USA can provide a range of products to help you do all this, ensuring that maintenance and care programs are in place.

Our Liquid Coatings are a perfect solution, providing a 25 Year warranty, ensuring full asset protection for waterproofing, impact protection, chemical resistance, fireproofing, and UV-Resistance, all with anti-slip. This will ensure that your walkways, balconies, and terraces will remain clean and safe routes for people to use. They will remain suitable as an emergency fire or escape route when needed and add value to your property.

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