Tank Linings, Sumps & Bund Linings

Product Range: Hotspray 136T, Hotspray 260FR

Associated Product Range: Cleaner, Primer Uni, MonoSealant, Topcoat 35

Typical Project Requirements: Anti-Corrosion, Chemically Resistant, Waterproof, Fire Proof, Environmental Protection

Availability: USA, Europe, Australia, Asia

Storage tanks may require a tank reline or new lining to protect against many factors, whether it is a chemical resistant tank lining or a hygienic water tank lining to guard against legionella. Prokol Protective Coatings USA can supply a range of products from our Hotspray range to solve any problem you may have in any tanking project.

Our range of Polyurea based joint sealants is also chemically resistant with a quick-drying time, ensuring all bolted tanks can be fully protected.

Up to 30 years warranty will be achieved with correct surface treatment, base material conditions, product choice, layer thickness, and application method. Thanks to the fast processing and reaction times, downtimes are dramatically reduced, making the Prokol the ideal finish for tanks.

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