Parking Lots & Parking Garages

Product Range: Hotspray 136T, Hotspray 260FR

Associated Product Range: Cleaner, Primer Uni, MonoSealant, Topcoat 35

Typical Project Requirements: Anti-Corrosion, Chemically Resistant, Waterproof, Fire Proof, Environmental Protection

Availability: USA, Europe, Australia, Asia

Floors of parking lots and parking garages have a lot to endure the turning wheels, lifting, braking, and plasticizers from tires, thaw salts, oils, and other released substances. With all of these being a regular occurrence, they must be taken into account when choosing a finish.

Often you may have a project requirement to apply a low-noise floor finish. The annoying “squeaky” sound of tires on a surface can provide complaints in urban areas.

Prokol Protective Coatings USA can offer and range of solutions. Durability, mechanical and chemically loadable, easily cleanable, and non-slip in various R-values available in more than 2000 colors are our characteristics.

Our ProFast line is ideal for the quick finishing of floors in car parks. Within a few hours, the floor finish is accessible again. ProFast products are very fast in hardening (2 hours), completely solvent-free, odorless, and completely color-free. With the use of different colors, parking bays and lanes and symbols can be clearly marked.

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