Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

Product Range: ProFast Multi-TR, Rocapox Flooring EP-300

Associated Product Range: Cleaner, Primer Uni, MonoSealant, Topcoat 75

Typical Project Requirements: Commercial Floor Coatings, Industrial Flooring Solutions, Chemical Resistance, Impact Resistance, Wear Resistance, Waterproofing, Fire Protection, 30 Year Warranty

Availability: USA, Europe, Australia, Asia

Our floor coatings have a wide range of applications, from workshops, garages, parking decks, hangers, showrooms, washing areas to warehouses, to name but a few.

We manufacture a varied range of floor coatings, either polyurea or epoxy-based, with up to 3 times more wear and scratch-resistance when compared to other products.

This autocatalytic polyurea combination makes ProFast suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is 100% color-fast. A one hour drying time makes ProFast Floor Coating ideal for walkways, balconies, terraces, and stairwells; it is also available with an anti-slip coating.

Our Self-leveling flooring developed on epoxy technology Rocapox EP-300 is a fantastic wear-resistant industrial or decorative flooring. You can add multiple color combinations, sprinkle with color chips, incorporated a subtle anti-slip coating finish, or left with a transparent top coat to provides a beautiful aesthetic finish.

Prokol has more than 40 years of experience in the chemical industry; we have dedicated chemical engineers and commercial chemists constantly innovating new cutting edge product range. We have no time for short-term solutions and only focus on full life products you can trust. We look to providing the best waterproofing and fire retardant liquid coatings on the market.

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