Flat & Pitched Roofing

Product Range: MonoSeal, Hotspray 260FR

Associated Product Range: Cleaner, Primer Uni, MonoSealant, Topcoat 35, Topcoat 75

Typical Project Requirements: Flat Roofing Solutions, Pitched Roofing Solutions, Waterproofing, Fire Protection, 30 Year Warranty

Availability: USA, Europe, Australia, Asia

MonoSeal is a hand-applied, pure polyurea, liquid waterproofing membrane solution designed to protect flat or pitched roofing and is suitable for almost any substrate.  UV stable, chemical resistant, and a high elongation of 1530%. You can apply MonoSeal liquid roof coating with either a roller, squeegee, or brush, and it cures in just one hour, forming a seamless, durable, and weather-resistant membrane at just 2mm. Together with up to a 25-year warranty, all this makes MonoSeal the only solution needed to provide a seamless waterproofing and fire retardant system.

If you require an anti-slip layer, we can add mineral grit or kiln-dry sand during the second coat or apply our anti-slip top coat 75

Also ideal for waterproofing, podium decks balconies, and terrace roofs.

Can Be Applied Over Any Existing Substrate As Well As New Roof Applications

If you have a more extensive area to protect, our Hotspray 260FR roofing product is a 20-second cure application with high elongation properties over 1500%.

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