As we can customize our products, we’re always excited to hear directly from our customers on any special requirements or ideas. Please look around for examples of how our products can benefit you, and get in touch to find out more.
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Commercial and Industrial Roofing

No matter the size of the roof you need to protect, we have a selection of Hotspray products developed to perform in almost any environment, 100% solids, and elongation up to 1900%, No toxins, VOC’s or CFCs. We manufacture all our products with the highest quality RAW materials for the whole of life and zero maintenance.

Flat and Pitched Roofing

Our cold applied, MonoSeal, is the ideal solution to provide a seamless waterproof and fire retardant for any flat or pitched roofing. It can be hand-applied to almost any substrate, UV stable, chemical resistant, and elongation of 1530%


Commercial and Industrial Flooring

Flooring within any busy working environment needs to withstand various challenges such as high foot traffic, chemical spills, slip and trip hazards, and usage of machinery. We can provide a selection of products in any color, with rapid drying times and zero life maintenance.


A well-maintained walkway is critical to your site – we can provide solutions that are chemically resistant, anti-slip, can withstand exceptionally high footfall, and with up to 50 years warranty.

Workshops & Garages

It’s easy to overlook the importance of your workshop or garage floor. Prokol Protective Coatings USA can offer a selection of self-leveling products, available in any color (or even with decorative flakes), and cures within an hour.


Old staircase with no structural waterproofing are likely to be subject to future high-cost repairs. Protection is therefore paramount to keeping costs down. We can provide a selection of solutions to ensure full asset protection.

Sidewalks & Driveways

Often constructed of concrete slabs, driveways and sidewalks are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, erosion from weather, and UV rays damage. We can supply products that will allow you, with the correct preparation, to fully rejuvenate your sidewalk or driveway provide 10-20 maintenance-free years to its lifespan.

Car Parks & Parking Garages

Floors of parking garages have a lot to endure. Turning wheels, lifting, braking, and plasticizers from tires, road salts, oils, and other released substances. These are all regular occurrences that must be taken into account when choosing a finish. Prokol Protective Coatings USA can provide a combination of products that will carry this load whilst also giving an anti-skid coating.


Truck Beds

Our Polyurea automotive systems provide a seamless liner suitable for all commercial and agricultural – able to rejuvenate aging wooden or metal floors.

Pond Lining

Concrete or plastic-lined ponds can crack, split, or tear over time. We can provide a solution that contains no VoCs or solvents, meaning it’s entirely safe for your fish.

Asbestos Encapsulation

In many situations, Asbestos removal is not an option. In these situations, Prokol Protective Coatings can provide an encapsulation solution. This will secure and repair any damaged asbestos while sealing rough edges and containing any dust. Our high elongation and tensile strength ensure it is protected against knocks, bangs, scratches, and our fire retardants will also ensure it is fireproof. With a dry time within seconds, your downtime can be dramatically reduced. This must only be completed by a trained professional.

Swimming Pools

Traditional pool construction can suffer from tile cracking and leaking. Our pure Polyurea solutions can provide a seamless, waterproof lining, available in any color or with decorative flakes. This Solvent free system has our rapid drying time and zero maintenance.

Tank Linings, Sumps & Bund Linings

These secondary linings have the sole purpose of containing any liquid in the unlikely event that the primary containment is damaged – whether this is water or a chemical, these solutions must never fail. Prokol Protective Coatings USA can provide a Pure Polyurea solution that is chemically resistant, with Zero VoCs, and cures in 5 seconds.
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