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A global manufacturer of advanced liquid polymers and protective coatings for more than 30 years, Prokol Protective Coatings USA is very proud of every one of our products and their varied uses. 

As we can customize our products, we’re always excited to hear directly from our customers on any special requirements or ideas. Please look around for examples of how our products can benefit you, and get in touch to find out more.

  • Prokol Protective Coatings USA

    The World’s Best Waterproofing, Fire Retardant Membranes

    Monoseal Creating a Shiny Floor Showing Prokol Protective Coatings USA's World-leading Waterproof and Fire Retardant Product
  • A Ultra Thin Barrier with a Huge Capability

    Fully waterproof and fire retardant at only 2mm

    A Coating Thickness at 2mm is all Prokol Needs to be Waterproof.
  • Waterproofing in Seconds

    Cure times as low as five seconds

    A Roofing Applicator Spraying Prokol Protective Coatings USA's Hotspray Waterproofing and Fire Retardant Products to a roof
  • Commercial Roofing Solutions

    Our wide range of products are suitable for any of your project needs

    A Large Commercial Roof with workers applying Prokol Protection Coatings USA's Waterproof and Fire Retardant Hotspray Roofing Products
  • We Can Customize our Solutions for Your Projects

    No matter how big

    Prokol Protective Coatings USA Hotspray applied at Ajax Stadium in Holland
  • We Can Customize our Solutions for Your Projects

    Or how small

    Houseboat Floor with Full Waterproofing Provided by Prokol Protective Coatings USA's ProFast Floor Coating
  • Our Hotspray Technology

    With elongation up to 1900%

    Two Prokol Approved Applicators Showing How Easy it is to Spray Our Hotspray 260-FR
  • Anti-Slip Technology

    All our membranes come with an anti-slip option

    An Anti-Slip Coating for any Prokol Products

We offer maintenance-free commercial coatings with a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Our products are manufactured under green chemistry, contain zero VOCs, and are fully recyclable.

Certified Experience

Our approved applicators undergoing rigorous training to ensure you get the highest quality finish

Great Support

The Prokol Protective Coatings USA team are here for all your inquiries and technical needs


Zero manufacturing failures for over 40 years and the longest manufacturer warranty in the industry

50 Years Experience

Established in 1967, Prokol’s primary vision has always been on quality first

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